=>We had an amazing and exciting session on with technical enthusiasts “#”,The Principal Instructor at Red Hat and “” (Director, APAC Service Delivery, GLS RedHat Asia Pacific)and a mentor “ “,who guided us with their experience and motivation. Session includes the power of automation and its use cases in industries.

Automation is the process to achieve any work efficiently and effectively with less manual effort. Automation also saves time by achieving repeated task more efficiently and also also avoid errors which is possible during manual setup.

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning configuration management and application deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code.

Automation by ansible can be used in various ways..It can be used in Provisioning, Configuration management, Application deployment, Security automation, orchestration.Ansible as a tool for automation and also integrated it for best performance some of integration of automation is with network, devops tool and clouds.

=>scaling is needed because if your controller node is down than what we do . so we use concept of scaling and this provided by ansible tower.

Ansible Tower is a web-based solution that makes Ansible even more easy to use for IT teams of all kinds. It’s designed to be the hub for all of our automation tasks.

  • Scaling
  • Maintaining Workflow(Always run Ansible playbooks one after other)
  • Run Playbook based on permission by admin (allow/deny)
  • We can integrate any technology with the help of ansible tower such as cloud, network and security.

Job template is a feature in Ansible Tower to run multiple playbooks simultaneously.

=>We can create credentials by choosing Credential Type(AWS,Github,etc.)

=>In case wedon’t have option to create credential of desired technology ,So we can create it also by creating credential type of that technology.

=>Ansible tower can also be used for functionality.

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