Multinational Companies (MNCs) using Big Data?

some MNCs are using Big Data Analytics-

1. Facebook

There’s a lot of data stored on Facebook, and a lot of its users’ own content. That content is the most important asset on the service, and users need to believe it’s secure, otherwise they won’t share. Getting storage right is critical — and is helping define how Facebook designs its data centers.

Instead of servers that include compute, memory, flash storage and HDD storage, Facebook’s disaggregated server model splits the various server components across separate racks, allowing it to tune the components for specific services and to use what Qin calls “smarter hardware refreshes” to extend useful life. By separating server resources mixes of compute, memory and storage on different racks can be combined, for example, to deliver a set of servers that can run Hadoop. As loads and usage change, the balance of components that power a service can be changed — keeping inefficiencies to a minimum.

Qin notes that the key to this approach is faster networking, with the latest technologies used to build Facebook’s first fabric-based data center in Iowa. The system is designed to work at speeds up to the network card line rate — though it’s not yet operating at that speed, as the service doesn’t need the bandwidth. Qin expects this approach to extend the life of storage modules, as Facebook can swap out memory and CPU on a different, faster, schedule.

2. Netflix

The entertainment streaming service has an abundance of information and examination, giving knowledge into the survey propensities for many global customers. Netflix utilizes this information to commission unique programming content that interests all around just as acquiring the rights to movies and arrangement boxsets that they realize will perform well with specific crowds.
For instance, Adam Sandler has demonstrated disliked in the US and UK showcases as of late, yet Netflix green-lit four new films with the on-screen character in 2015, equipped with the information that his past work had been effective in Latin America.


Flipkart gets 10 terabytes of user data each day from browsing, searching, buying or not buying, as well as behavior and location. This jumps to 50 terabytes on Big Billion Day sales days. There’s also order data, shipping data, and other forms of data captured by different systems.

4. General Electric (GE)

GE is utilizing the information from sensors on apparatus like gas turbines and fly motors to distinguish approaches to improve working procedures and unwavering quality. The resultant reports are then passed to GE’s examination group to create instruments and enhancements for expanded proficiency.

The organization has assessed that information could support efficiency in the US by 1.5%, which, over a 20-year time frame, could spare enough money to raise typical national salaries by as much as 30%.


A data center normally holds petabytes to exabytes of data. Google currently processes over 20 petabytes of data per day through an average of 100,000 MapReduce jobs spread across its massive computing clusters.
How much data does google handle??
This is one of those kind of questions whose answer can never be accurate. On a funnier note, it is like a child asking who come first hen or egg?? which is somewhat similar to asking “how much data does google handle??”
Commonly a PC holds 1TB of storage data and a smartphone holds about 64GB, but as days pass there are newer PCs and smartphones with bigger storage than this. We all know Google is the only one who can answer any kind of question!! We simply conclude that Google knows everything!! And Everything means Everything! Now you must be wondering how much data does google handle to answer all these questions!!??
Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.




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